Types of Lacerations

In basic terms, there are two types of lacerations: 

  • Cuts - Cuts are small lacerations that are formed by injuries from things such as blades, pins, or any other sharp objects. .

  • Gashes - Gashes are heavy and deep lacerations that might sometimes need stitches. They are caused by either accidents or by a sudden and rough injury by sharp objects.

Precautions to Take while Tending to Lacerations

  • One of the major precautions one should take is to see if the laceration is by objects like rusted metal, stone, or rotting wood. If yes, then taking a tetanus shot is mandatory to avoid further complications and infections. 

  • If the laceration is deep then immediately consult a doctor as there is a possibility that you might need stitches. 

  • If the bleeding is constant, then use a highly absorbent dressing to cover the laceration. One might also use haemostatic agents. 

  • If the laceration is near a jugular vein or major artery, then it is important to consult a doctor immediately.