Burn Dressings


Choosing the Right Dressing for Burns

It is important to consider the size and depth of the burn while choosing a burn wound dressing because different burns require different dressings. Selecting the right burn dressing is the key to quick recovery.

  • Superficial Epidermal Burn: Minor scald, sunburn, brief flash burn, etc., where there is superficial reddening of the skin but no blistering or break in the skin, does not need a dressing. Application of moisturizer is enough to cool the intact skin.
  • Superficial Dermal Burn: Burn from hot water, where skin blistering takes place, requires a burn wound dressing. The dressing will absorb fluid, protect the wound from the external environment and avoid maceration to reduce pain and infection.
  • Deep Dermal or Full-Thickness Burn: Contact burns or burns due to prolonged flames require a burn wound dressing to debride and remove the dead skin if the burn area is small and to temporize for surgery if the burn area is large.

Benefits of Burn Wound Dressings

Burn wound dressings have the following benefits:
  • Prevent conversion to a deeper burn
  • Promote moist wound healing environment
  • Help in decreasing swelling
  • Allow for easy movement
  • Prevent infection
  • Reduce pain