Odor Absorbent Dressings


How do Odor Absorbing Dressings work?

Odor absorbing dressings are capable of absorbing a large number of odor-causing molecules and removing odor for prolonged periods. When the odor-causing bacteria present in the wound exudate come in contact with charcoal fabric, they get firmly attached to the fabric. They are removed from the exudate and absorbed in the dressing to curb the odor. Some advanced versions also include silver, whose antibacterial activity kills the bacteria attached to the dressing. Odor absorbent dressings are usually used as primary dressings and placed directly on the wound bed. Sometimes, they also work as secondary dressings which are put over primary dressings but beneath the dressing retainer.

Odor-Causing Wounds

Wound odor is usually caused by following types of wounds:
  • Partial or full-thickness wounds
  • Low-to-high exuding wounds
  • Superficial burns or first-degree burns
  • Partial thickness burns or second-degree burns
  • Surgical or post-operative wounds
  • Laceration and abrasions
  • Fungating lesions
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Donor sites
  • Leg ulcers