Wound Fillers | Wound Packing Products

Wound fillers are a set of items that include gels, foams, pads, pastes, ropes, or any other formulation that does not stick. They are used to fill the wound and fulfill the duties of managing the moisture and absorbing the exudate. A secondary dressing has to be used over them as they are primary dressings and need to be secured in place. These wound packing products are used in deep wounds where there is a possibility of the exudate pooling in the vacant space. The absorbency of the filler depends on the product used. We at Shop Wound Care, have a wide range of wound fillers from top selling brands such as Ferris Mfg. Corp., Dumex/Derma Sciences, 3M Medical, etc.


Benefits of Wound Fillers

  • Come in a number of options such as dressings, strips, gels, etc.
  • Manage the moisture in the wound
  • Help in absorbing the exudate and prevent it from pooling
  • Antimicrobial wound fillers help in eliminating the microbes that might cause infection
  • Are easy to apply and remove 
  • Help in autolytic debridement