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What are Wound Fillers?

Wound fillers are a set of items that include gels, foams, pads, pastes, ropes, or any other formulation that does not stick. Their purpose is to fill the wound, maintain a moist wound environment, and absorb the exudate. A secondary dressing has to be used over them as they are primary dressings and need to be secured in place. These wound packing products are used in deep wounds where there is a possibility of exudate pooling in the vacant space. The absorbency of the filler depends on the specific product composition.

Shop Wound Care has a wide range of wound fillers that help facilitate healing by maintaining a moist environment, absorbing exudate, debriding the wound bed, and filling in empty spaces. Derma Sciences Medihoney Hydrocolloid Wound Filler Paste is effective on hard-to-heal wounds and burns, and it helps keep wound beds clean of necrotic tissue.

Features of Wound Fillers

  • Come in several options such as dressings, strips, gels, etc.
  • Manage the moisture in the wound
  • Help in absorbing the exudate and prevent it from pooling
  • Antimicrobial wound fillers help in eliminating the microbes that might cause infection
  • Easy to apply and remove 
  • Help in autolytic debridement

When to use a Wound Filler Dressing?

Wound filler dressings may be used as primary dressings to manage partial and full-thickness wounds, minimally to moderately exuding wounds, infected and non-infected wounds, and deep wounds requiring packing to fill dead space.

Wound fillers contraindications

Wound cavity fillers are contraindicated for use on wounds with little to no drainage. Additionally, they are not used on third-degree burns and dry wounds.

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