Packing Strips


Some common types of Wound Packing Strips

Two of the most common types of wound packing strips are the plain and the iodoform packing strips. They are described below:

Plain Packing Strips

Plain packing strips for wounds are either used dry to absorb wound exudate or are soaked in a medication of choice. They need a secondary dressing to hold them in place and protect the wound from external contaminants. They usually come packed in a bottle so that they are kept clean and tangle-free. Their end is always located at the top of the bottle for ease of use.

Iodoform Packing Strips

Iodoform packing strips are impregnated with iodoform which is an antiseptic agent. They use the healing and antimicrobial properties of iodoform to soak up the exudate, facilitate proper wound healing and protect the wound from a broad range of bacteria. Iodoform wound packing strips are ideal for use on open or infected wounds that may have a build-up of dead or necrotic tissue.