Wound Cleansers

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Types of Wound Cleansers

There are four types of wound cleansers 

  • Normal Saline Solutions – They are normal isotonic solutions that do not interfere with the normal healing process of the wound. They are also very cheap. 
  • Commercial Cleansers – They come in different forms such as surfactants that repel water and absorb other non-water substances such as oil and grease and anti-microbial solutions that kill the bacteria or any other organic matter within the wound. 
  • Skin Cleansers – These solutions are very powerful and hence are not used directly on an open wound. They are mixed with water and help removing particle matter from the wound. 
  • Lactated Ringer’s Solution – Sodium, potassium, and calcium chloride are the main components of this cleanser. They are helpful in cleaning the wound without damaging the active cells.

Features of Wound Cleansers

  • Cleans the wound makes the wound site anti-septic 
  • Helps remove the debris and other external contaminate 
  • Helps the dressing absorb the exudate by irrigating the wound 
  • Works as an antiseptic solution to be used with the dressing too 
  • Aids in removing necrotic tissue 
  • Works as an antimicrobial and antibacterial solution, reducing infection