Wound Drainage Supplies | Drainage Collectors | Wound Irrigation Solutions

Drainage and irrigation is an important aspect of wound care since cleaning the wound of debris and draining the exudate off the wound is essential. These products include drainage collectors, catheter access ports, high pressure jets, Penrose drains, etc. Catheter access ports are a seal between the catheter, drain tube, and the collector. Penrose drains fit snugly around the dressing and help the dressing absorb the exudate. At Shop Wound Care, we offer a number of drainage and irrigation product options from top selling brands such as Hollister, Medline, etc.


Features of Drainage and Irrigation Products

  • Drain the exudate from the wound making the wound clean 
  • Clear the debris off the wound making it less prone to infection 
  • Help the medication be irrigated perfectly into the wound 
  • Fit snugly around all dressing systems with ease 
  • Provide easy drainage and irrigation with all kinds of wounds and ostomies

Precautions while performing Drainage and Irrigation of the Wound

  • Never use irrigation products on heavily bleeding wounds as it might stop the clotting process. 
  • Pressure is important for irrigation and hence the right amount of pressure should be applied. 
  • One should always use gloves as irrigation and drainage of a wound can be a messy ordeal. 
  • Saline irrigation is the most common forms of irrigation and so tap water can be used while irrigating the wound.