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Features of Applicators

  • Used to apply medicines or gels to the wound to heal them or stop infection 
  • Clean debris of a wound by absorbing the dust and other contaminate 
  • Absorb the exudate from the wound and help clean necrotic tissue 
  • Available in sterile and non-sterile options 
  • Are usually made of plastic or wood

Types of Applicators

  • Silver Nitrate Applicators - Silver nitrate applicators are apt for usage on warts, skin tags, mouth ulcers, suppression of granular overgrowth, cauterizing blood vessels. They come in varied lengths for better and flexible application. 
  • Wood Applicators - They are commonly used to stir liquid medicines and apply the medicine to the wound. They are splinter-free applicators and are sterile in nature. 
  • Cotton Applicators - Cotton applicators are made of plastic or wood with cotton wads on one end. They are perfect for cleaning a wound and applying antiseptics and other solutions to the wound