Surgical Tape

Surgical tapes are one of the most commonly used tapes across medical institutions in the world. Their applications in both hospitals and homes alike makes them one of the most popular tape types in the world. They have a hypoallergenic adhesive that does not irritate the skin yet stick firmly and holds the dressing in place. They are breathable and in some variants they are made of micro-porous material. They are usually white in color because of the content of zinc oxide that also makes of anti-septic.

We at Shop Wound Care have a huge array of surgical tapes from top selling brands such as 3M, McKesson, Reliamed, etc.

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Features of Surgical Tapes

  • Hypoallergenic tapes that prevent rashes and irritation to the skin
  • Contain zinc oxide to reduce the chances of infection
  • Strong adhesiveness and high durability
  • Conformable and highly breathable
  • Protects the skin and prevents damage to wounds by stretching