Unna's Boot Bandages | Zinc Oxide Compression Bandages

Unna Boot Bandages are compression bandages designed for treating venous stasis leg ulcers, lymphatic edema, thrombophlebitis, dislocations, sprains and strains. They can also be used for treating wounds with moderate drainage. Unna boot compression bandages are uniformly saturated with a soothing zinc oxide formula. This formula helps in faster healing and prevents skin dryness and irritation without any caking or hardening. At Shop Wound Care, we offer a wide range of Unna boot bandages from various top-selling brands like Primer, Unna-Flex, Kendall, etc.


Features of Unna Boot Bandages

Unna bandages have the following features and properties: 

  • Contain non-hardening zinc oxide paste 

  • Unique construction allows for uniform distribution of zinc oxide formula 

  • Stay softer for a longer period 

  • Remain flexible and allow patient movement 

  • Provide even compression 

  • Conform well to body contours 

  • Enhance patient comfort 

  • Do not fray into the wound bed

  • Finished edges