Derived from the French word avellere which means tearing off, avulsions are one of the most severe wound types. The wound is formed by the tearing away of nearly all the layers of skin. This exposes the underlying muscoskeletal structure of the body. Since the deeper tissue is affected, there is a high chance of heavy bleeding. The treatment method for avulsions includes the use of high absorbency gauze dressings that are also sturdy and stable to support the wound. Anti-septic solutions are used to keep the area free from infections. If the avulsion is wide, then it becomes necessary to use stitches to heal the wound but minor avulsions can be treated using tissue adhesives or wound closure strips. At Shop Wound Care, we have a number of high-quality products from top selling brands such as 3M, Dumex, Mckesson and many more.

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What should one do first in case of an Avulsion Injury?

  • One of the first steps is to somehow stop the bleeding. If you are home or at a place where a first aid kit is handy, then use the gauze dressings to cover the wound and exert a little pressure to slow the bleeding. 

  • Antiseptic solution or sprays should be used to prevent contamination or infection. 

  • Once the bleeding has slowed down, use a fresh dressing to cover the wound and secure it. 

  • If the wound is at a delicate place such as a near an important artery or organ, than rush the person to the hospital immediately.