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What is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy involves wearing socks or stockings specially fashioned to support the veins and increase blood circulation in the legs. The compression socks or stockings are normally worn in the morning and removed before going to bed. The compression garments are proven to provide protection to the veins from blood pooling. These compression products diminish and relieve the swollen legs.


How do compression stockings help in Wound Healing?


Compression therapy is a therapy used to expedite the healing of chronic wounds. The compression socks or stockings are tightly knitted around the ankle or lower leg to offer the greatest amount of pressure and gradually lessen around the proximal aspects of the limb.


Compression stockings look familiar to elastic compression bandages. They are stretchy to deliver compression during activity and at rest, alike. Compression stockings are wrapped and knit around the wound site by a trained professional. Additionally, compression stockings have pre-defined compression levels; these are placed and frequently changed. Many people around the globe suffer from chronic wounds such as venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, and many other types of non-healing injuries. Medical experts opine that compression products offer relief from chronic wounds.



10 Benefits of Compression Therapy for Wounds


There are very many benefits of compression therapy in wound management. Some of them are listed down -

1. Reduces healing time

Compression therapy diminishes the healing time of chronic wounds by using controlled pressure. The external pressure helps in better circulation and healing. Subsequently, the pressure pushes out extra fluid from the wound site to improve blood flow to the area. This, in turn, leads to speedy wound healing.

2. Eases the pain

Compression stockings are proven to reduce muscle pain. These stockings compress the muscles to aid circulation. The better the blood circulation, the lesser the pain.

3. Lessens swelling and inflammation

Compression therapy minimizes swelling and inflammation. The stockings or socks put controlled pressure on the wound site, which increases blood and other fluids flow, ultimately reducing the inflammation and swelling.

4. Accelerates muscle recovery

Compression garments push the muscles to act excessively to move the toxins out of the tissue, lowering inflammation. Moreover, it also helps your muscles recover faster and rebuild more quickly. Compression also aids in treatment of lacerations

5. Increase flexibility and range of motion

Some severe or chronic wounds can perturb your range of motion and badly affect your flexibility. Compression therapy is an excellent way to redeem the lost flexibility and range of motion. When the muscles are compressed, they relax better. Interestingly, the surrounding tissues are also relaxed, which further develops a better range of motion.

6. Manages venous ulcers

Compression therapy provides prevention from long-term complications of chronic venous ulcers by offering quicker healing. It prunes away inflammation, pain, and other symptoms that could lead to serious complications.

7. Cost-effective therapy

Compression therapy is comparatively cheaper than many other treatment options for non-healing wounds. Shop WoundCare offers cost-effective, budget-friendly, durable compression stockings, anti-embolism stockings, and many other stocking accessories at reasonable prices.

8. Reverses venous hypertension effects

Controlled external pressure applied to the lower leg enhances the pressure on the skin and the structures underlying for counteracting gravity. It can help relieve the leg symptoms by working on the venous and lymphatic systems to amplify fluid extraction from the leg.

9. Mitigates exudates

Compression therapy aids in the reduction of edema by minimizing the pressure difference between capillaries and tissue surrounding them. Therapy also transfers the tissue fluid back into the vascular space, which mitigates the exudates from the wound site.

10. Minimizes skin change

Most patients are worried about their skincare. Skin alteration is a great concern for many. These non-healing chronic wounds indeed lead to changes in the color of the skin. In such a situation, compression therapy comes into the picture. It reverses the skin change by lessening edema around the wound surface. Similarly, it also positively minimizes the swelling and removes fluids from the wound. It is proven to increase the skin’s ability to receive the oxygen required to heal properly and return to its normal state.


Where can I buy products for Compression For Venous Stasis Ulcers?


Shop WoundCare has a wide collection of compression therapy products for wound healing at a quicker pace. We offer the best quality compression stockings, socks, stocking accessories, T.E.D. Hose /Anti-Embolism Stockings, and more at the most affordable prices. Our compression products are manufactured by the leading names of the industry such as BSN Medical, Julius Zorn Inc., Advanced Orthopaedics to name a few.

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