Liquid Bandages


Features of Liquid Bandages

  • Provide skin treatment for sores and minor cuts
  • Seal the cut quickly after one application
  • Sealing the wound reduces the chances of infection
  • Waterproof nature allows the user to take shower without any worry
  • Seal falls off naturally when the wound is healed
  • May also prevent scars from forming at the wound site

How to use Liquid Bandages?

  • Wash your hands first. Then wash the area of the cut with soap and cold water.
  • Completely dry the injury site with a clean towel.
  • Apply the liquid bandage on the cut. It should not be applied inside the wound, but on the top of it where the cut comes together.
  • Spread it uniformly along the length of the cut, covering the cut completely.
  • Gently bring the cut together by your fingers to create a seal.
  • Hold the cut in this way for about a minute so that the adhesive dries completely.