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Liquid Bandage is used to protect wounds by forming a thin polymeric layer that binds to the skin. This layer keeps the moisture in and germs and dirt out. It quickly closes the wound and stops bleeding. Skin liquid bandage can be used for minor cuts as well as large abrasions. At Shop Wound Care, we offer a wide range of liquid bandages from various top-selling manufacturers like Medline, Ferndale labs, SkinStitch Corp, etc.

Features of Skin-Cut Liquid Bandage

  • Provide skin treatment for sores and minor cuts
  • Seal the cut quickly after one application
  • Sealing the wound reduces the chances of infection
  • Waterproof nature allows the user to take shower without any worry
  • Seal falls off naturally when the wound is healed
  • Can also prevent scars from forming at the wound site

Types of Liquid Bandages

There are two categories of liquid bandages-

  • Skin protectants: Gels and sprays to heal moderate to deep scars and wounds
  • Suture Replacement or Tissue Adhesives: This is a great way to cover and protect minor wounds. It can be used on bleeding wounds as well as directed by your physician

How to use Liquid Bandages for wound care?

  • Wash your hands first. Then wash the area of the cut with soap and cold water
  • Completely dry the injury site with a clean towel
  • Apply the liquid bandage on the cut. It should not be applied inside the wound, but on the top of it where the cut comes together
  • Spread it uniformly along the length of the cut, covering the cut completely
  • Gently bring the cut together with your fingers to create a seal
  • Hold the cut in this way for about a minute so that the adhesive dries completely

How does a Skin Liquid Bandage work?

Liquid bandage for deep cuts or small scars is a colorless adherent that can be sprayed or applied directly on wounds. These bandages work by sealing the wound until the damaged area heals. This seal covers the nerve endings which help in reducing pain. The benefit of a liquid bandage is that it sticks better than any other fabric or plastic bandage. You can apply it where the normal adhesive cannot reach or stick such as – between fingers and knuckles.

How do you remove a Wound Liquid Bandage?

Liquid bandages can be removed very easily without any hassle or skin-trauma. When you apply the liquid adhesive, it creates a sealing over the wound which automatically falls off after a period of time and does not require you to remove it like other dressing aids or stapled sutures.

Safety tips for Liquid Stitches

  • Avoid usage around the eyes and in the ear, mouth, or the nose
  • Do not scrub the seal otherwise, the liquid bandage will fall off
  • Do not use other ointment or cream over the affected area, it can cause infection or slow down the healing process
  • Do not use on the bleeding wound without reading the instructions properly or consulting with the medical expert
  • If you accidentally end up doing any of the above-mentioned things, do not waste time and consult your doctor

Do Liquid Adhesives speed up healing?

After applying the liquid bandage, the duration of wound-healing or wound-recovery depends upon the severity of the wound, and how well you take care of it. If you let the bandage work on your wound by not washing it away or scrubbing it off, the liquid adhesive will maintain a proper moisture balance and keep the wound free from bacteria and germs that will speed-up the wound-healing process.

Where to buy Best Liquid Bandages online?

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