Wound Prep Pads | Alcohol Wipes and Swabs | Adhesive Removers

Prep-Pads or Alcohol Pads are sealed sterile pads laced with alcohol-based chemicals. Their main task is to get rid of the bacteria around a wound or skin so that no infection occurs when injected with a drug or while making incision during surgery. They are cool swabs of that help in making the region around the wound anti-bacterial. Wipes are basically wet napkins that are used to clean a wound. They are also used to remove the adhesive that might get be leftover from either the adhesive dressing or tape. They come in both sterile and non-sterile options. 

At Shop Wound Care we have a wide range of Prep-Pads and Wipes from top selling brands such as Medline, Nice Pak, Cardinal Health, etc.

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Features of Prep Pads and Wipes

  • Provide an antibacterial surface 

  • Prepare the skin for injections or incisions 

  • Clean the surface of debris and other contaminate 

  • Help clean of the leftover adhesive from dressings or tapes 

  • Provides a moist surface for cleaning the wound