Medical Paper Tape | First Aid Paper Tape

Paper tapes have been a revolution in the first-aid industry. The ease of tearing a paper tape and using it for temporary dressings has helped save a number of people in accidents where getting to the nearest medical institution would take up a lot of time. They are easy to use, breathable, and the ease of application and removal makes them a go to option for speedily dressing a wound. Since they are made of paper, the chances of irritating the skin are scarce. They are perfect for wounds that need frequent dressing and undressing. At Shop Wound Care, we have a great collection of paper tapes from top selling brands such as 3M, Medline, Covidien, etc.

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Features of Paper Tapes

  • Easy to use and breathable
  • Do not require the use of scissors as they can be torn off by hand
  • Easy to remove and re-apply
  • Minimal skin irritation and chances of allergies
  • Perfect for wounds that need continuous dressing and undressing