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“Time doesn’t heal any wounds, it’s what you do with the time that heals wounds.”

Whether physical, emotional or spiritual… caring for a wound is complex. But dealing with physical wounds can be the toughest. Timely intervention with appropriate treatment and wound dressings is the key to healing physical wounds. Infections and delayed recovery are major issues during the healing process. Ignorance can cause complications leading to serious health problems. Making an informed choice regarding the dressing, bandages, wound cleansers, etc., can be tough.

We at Shop Woundcare understand that challenge and attempt to fill in the gaps that exist when a shopper comes looking for wound care products. We care for you and your wellbeing. We don’t want to be just an online portal that sells wound care items. We want to be a treasure trove of both products and information and help our customers identify their needs.

Generally, wound care involves healthcare providers and caregivers who play an important role in this. Taking care of a wound is not possible without qualified advice. They know the right type of dressing for your wound and the best way to treat it. But we believe the customer should be knowledgeable and aware of the resources, too. We feel consumer awareness about wounds and related products is incomplete.

Wound treatment is not only about buying and applying. It requires assessment based on the etiology, the amount of drainage, the surrounding tissues, the location and related factors. Then begins treatment.

Today, Shop Wound Care is a relevant and trusted expert. We bring you a wide array of products, all the while upholding two very compelling commitments – quality and affordability. We have also tried to be informative and educative by providing check lists, guides, relevant articles and more.  

Shop Wound Care is based in Danbury, CT, with a team dedicated to servicing your needs. Our customer care associates are highly trained and have extensive knowledge of the products so if you have any related query, you can call us.

We have taken great care while picking products and so stand by their quality. Our online ordering is easy and order processing fast. If you have any problem with your purchase you can call our toll-free number 844-490-2625 for assistance. You can also send your queries to Customer Service.

Payments can be made by credit card or check. Your check can be made out to HPFY Stores with order details and we shall process your order immediately. Send your check to:

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