Medical Pink Tape - Zinc Oxide Waterproof Tape

Pink Tapes are a kind of medical tapes that have a zinc oxide based formula that acts as the adhesive for the tape. This allows the tape to stick perfectly to the skin and also does not damage the skin. The zinc oxide based adhesive is soothing and delicate on the skin and does not result in rashes. These medical tapes are thin, sturdy, flexible, and can easily stick on curves. We at Shop Wound Care bring to you a range of pink tapes from top selling brands such as HY-Tape International, Medline, Perma, etc.


Features of Pink Tape

  • Flexible, strong, and can easily be shaped around body contours

  • Zinc oxide based adhesive soothes skin and prevents rashes

  • Can be easily applied and removed

  • Washable and waterproof

  • Can be used on wet, hairy, and oily skin alike