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Adhesive bandages are one of the greatest revolutions of first aid in history. They are small in size and are the go to option for sealing small lacerations and wounds. The adhesive of these bandages sticks perfectly to the skin. It is hypoallergenic and hence does not cause any rashes or irritation. The bandages are highly absorbent and help in absorbing the exudate from the wound. They are made of breathable material that allows oxygen to pass through to the wound. They are also called child-friendly bandages as they also come in a kids option with colorful patterns so that the wound or the bandaging does not intimidate children. These adhesive bandages are a common component of all first aid kits. At Shop Wound Care, we have a wide range of adhesive bandages from some of the best brands such as Medline, Johnson and Johnson, Acelity etc.

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Benefits of Adhesive Bandages

  • Breathable and highly absorbent 
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive 
  • Sticks firmly to the skin 
  • Expedites healing 
  • Perfect for small lacerations, incisions, and wounds 
  • Child-friendly options are also available

Types of Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive bandages are divided into types based on their shapes:

  • Standard Adhesive Bandages - They are the most common types and are elongated bandages that are as long as half a finger. They have hypoallergenic adhesive to prevent allergies. 

  • Fingertip Adhesive Bandages - They are specially designed to be used on fingertips since standard bandages tend to come off. They are specially designed to conform around finger curves. 

  • Knuckle Adhesive Bandages - They are made to be applied to wounds around the knuckles. They have a strong adhesive that does not come off while using the hand. 

  • Butterfly Adhesive Bandages - They are apt for small cuts and bruises, and have a less chance of leaving a scar.