Biosynthetic Wound Dressings | Wound Care Products

Biosynthetic dressings are semi-permeable sheets that act as a membrane over the wound bed protecting the wound from any kind of contamination and expediting the healing process. They are made to mimic the epithelial membrane and are also referred to as biocomposite dressings. They are generally used for burn wound where the epidermal and the epithelial layers have been damaged. These biosynthetic dressings act as protective layers and the semi-permeable nature of these dressings allows the exudate to be absorbed by the secondary dressing. Biosynthetic agents induce or absorb moisture from the wound depending on the requirement of the wound. At Shop Wound Care, we have a wide range of biosynthetic dressings from top selling brand such as Medline Industries.


Benefits of Biosynthetic Dressings

  • Provide a membrane like layer to the wound bed 

  • Act as protective layer for the wound 

  • Stop any contamination of the wound 

  • Allow the wound to breathe 

  • Porous nature allows exudate to pass through 

  • Provide or absorb moisture according to the needs of the wound