Haemostatic Agents

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Features of Haemostatic Agents

  • Help in haemostasis of the wound 
  • Expedite the healing process 
  • Some pad types transform into gel when in contact with the wound 
  • Help in sealing the wound and initiating coagulation of the blood 
  • Help in fast and healthy healing of the wound

Types of Haemostatic Agents

  • Factor Concentrators - These agents absorb all the water from the blood and allow the cellular and protein part of the blood to begin the clotting process. 

  • Mucoadhesive Haemostatic Agents - They act by creating a strong adherence between the tissues and sealing them. This activates the platelets, thereby encouraging clotting. 

  • Procoagulant Supplimentors - They provide procoagulant elements to the blood, thus increasing the coagulation.