Topical Haemostatic Agents for Emergency Bleeding Control | Hemostat Gauze

Haemostasis is defined as the stopping of the flow of blood. It is a term used for both surgical and non-surgical procedures where blood flow needs to be halted so that healing can take place. In wound care, haemostatic agents or products such as patches, gauze, bandages, and pads are used to stop the flow of blood at a wound site. This allows the blood to clot and hence expedites the healing process. These haemostatic agents work by contracting the injured tissue and sealing the blood vessels to stop the blood flow and speed up the healing procedure. They are commonly used in first aid kits. At Shop Wound Care, we have a wide range of products from top selling brands such as Medline, Johnson and Johnson, etc. that stop the flow of blood and help in healing the wound.


Features of Haemostatic Agents

  • Help in haemostasis of the wound 
  • Expedite the healing process 
  • Some pad types transform into gel when in contact with the wound 
  • Help in sealing the wound and initiating coagulation of the blood 
  • Help in fast and healthy healing of the wound

Types of Haemostatic Agents

  • Factor Concentrators - These agents absorb all the water from the blood and allow the cellular and protein part of the blood to begin the clotting process. 

  • Mucoadhesive Haemostatic Agents - They act by creating a strong adherence between the tissues and sealing them. This activates the platelets, thereby encouraging clotting. 

  • Procoagulant Supplimentors - They provide procoagulant elements to the blood, thus increasing the coagulation.