Composite Wound Care Dressings [Save Upto 70%]

Composite Dressing has a multi-layered structure that combines physically distinct properties of different dressings into a single dressing. It provides multiple functions like absorption, bacterial barrier and adhesion. Usually, it is made up of multiple layers and includes a semi or non-adherent pad that is used to cover the wound surface. Composite dressings for the treatment of wounds can function as a primary or a secondary dressing on a wide range of wounds. At Shop Wound Care, we offer a wide assortment of composite wound dressings from various top-selling manufacturers like Medline, Smith & Nephew, 3M Medical, etc.

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Features of Composite Wound Dressings

Composite dressings have the following features and properties: Multilayer structure increases absorbency and autolysis Offer multiple functions in one dressing Promote autolytic debridement Moisture vapor permeable May be used with topical medications Work well for infected wounds Come in a variety of shapes and sizes Easy to use Moldable.

When are Composite Dressings Used?

Composite wound dressings are used for the treatment of the following: Partial and full-thickness wounds Minimally to heavily draining wounds Surgical incisions Pressure ulcers Dermal ulcers.