Surgical Gloves

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Types of Surgical Gloves

  • Sterile and Non-sterile - Depending on the usage and application of the medical gloves, they can be both sterile and non-sterile.
  • Powdered and Non-powdered - This depends on whether the user wants lubrication or doesn’t. Sometimes, a user can have allergies to the powder and should hence opt the non-powdered ones.
  • Material Types - Surgical gloves are made with different materials such as nitrile, vinyl, latex, neoprene, etc. Depending on one's preference, the type of gloves are chosen.
  • Chlorinated Gloves - Some types of surgical gloves are chlorinated to maintain zero germ-invasion, but if a person is allergic to chlorine or it doesn't suit their skin type, then we recommend not to use them.

Features of Surgical Gloves

  • Come in a wide range of options depending on material, lubrication, and sterility 
  • Hygienic and safe to use 
  • Disposable and can be thrown after one use 
  • Easy to store and use as well 
  • Helpful in a number of domestic as well as professional uses