Hydrofiber Dressings | Absorbent Wound Care Dressings

Hydrofiber Dressing is a soft, non-woven pad or ribbon dressing that contains sodium carboxymethylcellulose. It absorbs a large amount of wound exudate and transforms into a soft gel, creating a moist wound environment. The gel helps in promoting autolytic debridement, without damaging newly formed tissue. Hydrofiber wound dressing includes the benefits of both alginates and hydrocolloids. At Shop Wound Care, we offer a wide range of hydrofiber dressings including Convatec Aquacel Burn Hydrofiber Sterile Dressing, Convatec Aquacel Ag Extra Hydrofiber Dressing, etc.


Features of Hydrofiber Wound Dressings

Hydrofiber dressings have the following features and properties:
  • Transform into a gel-like substance on contact with wound fluid
  • Reduce dead space where bacteria can grow
  • Create an optimal wound healing environment
  • Reduce maceration and protect peri-wound skin
  • Lock exudate and trap bacteria
  • Provide sustained antimicrobial activity
  • Help minimize cross-infection during removal
  • Maintain moisture balance
  • May be used with compression bandage

Hydrofiber Dressing Advantages

Use of hydrofiber dressings have the following advantages:
  • Conform to wound shape
  • Highly absorptive
  • Balance inflammatory response
  • Comfortable
  • Can be worn for several days
  • Easy to apply and remove

When to use Hydrofiber Dressings?

Hydrofiber dressings are indicated for the treatment of the following conditions:
  • Moderate to heavy drainage wounds
  • Pressure ulcers (Stages III and IV)
  • Dry wounds when dampened with saline
  • Partial thickness burns
  • Surgical wounds
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Cavity wounds
  • Donor sites