Dressing Retainers

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Tubular Dressing Retainer

Tubular dressing retainers are designed to securely hold dressings in areas where securing a dressing with tape is difficult. They eliminate the requirement of adhesive tapes that makes them appropriate for users who have sensitive skin. This type of dressing retainer is applied in a single layer to conform nicely to the shape of the bandaged area. They are easy and convenient to apply and remove. Tubular dressing retainers are not recommended to be used as a dressing itself.

Dressing Retention Tape

Dressing retention tape is a soft and flexible, low-sensitivity adhesive tape. It is made from a non-woven fabric that is ideal for securing and holding wound dressings and other appliances in place. Dressing retention tape has a porous structure that is water-resistant. It can conveniently cover the entire primary wound dressing in one application.