Wound Measurement


Features of Wound Measurement Products

  • Helps in measuring the depth and diameter of a wound 

  • Measure the contours of the body 

  • Helps one decide the amount of dressing, tape, and solution required for the wound 

  • Includes rulers, guides, and depth measurement sticks

How to Use Wound Measurement Devices?

When measuring a wound always assume the directions of the wound to be a clock. This helps in understanding the correct measurement points and hence calculate everything properly 

  • For measuring the length - Assume that the part of the wound towards the head is 12 o’clock and towards the feet is 6 o’clock. For wounds under the feet the toes are 12 o’clock and the heel is 6 o’clock. Measure the distance between the longest face of the clock to determine the length. 

  • For measuring the width - Assume the end on the right of the 12 o’clock to be 3 o’clock and the one to the left as 9 o’clock. This divides the wound completely into a clock like graph. Measure the distance from the 3 o’clock to the 9 o’clock face to determine the width. 

  • For measuring the depth - Here you would need to place a cotton-tip applicator in the deepest part of the wound. Find the point where it meets the wound margin and then place against a ruler to find the depth of the wound.