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How do I protect my dressing in the shower?

Dressings are important for wound healing, and protecting the dressing from any external damage is important to preserve the wound healing process. To heal a wound properly one needs to protect their wound dressing too, dressings protectors help keep your dressing away from wetness. A dressing protector is a plastic or synthetic rubber-like material that helps cover and protect the wound dressing. It looks like a cast and is often used as a shower cover. Moisture Barrier is used to protect the dressing mainly from water while doing daily chores like bathing, washing, or in the kitchen while cooking. Dressing protective aids are shaped according to the needs of the user such as for the elbow, for the arm, for the feet, for the knee, etc. Since they are watertight and air-tight, they do not allow steam or moisture to damage the dressings. 

Types of Dressing Protectors

  • Arm Dressing Protectors 
  • Arm Above Elbow Dressing Protectors 
  • Leg Dressing Protectors 
  • Leg Above Knee Dressing Protectors 
  • Feet Dressing Protectors 
  • Hand Dressing Protectors 
  • Short Leg Dressing Protectors 
  • Short Arm Dressing Protectors

Benefits of Shower Shield

  • Prevent the dressing from getting damaged 
  • Water and airtight 
  • Prevent seepage of moisture or water vapor 
  • Protect the dressing from external contaminates 
  • Useful for securing the dressing while bathing or washing

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