Dressing Retention Tapes | Buy Self-Adhesive Dressing Retention Tapes

Dressing Retention Tapes, as their name suggests, are tapes made specifically to keep a dressing in place. They are multipurpose tapes and can be used to keep all kinds of dressings, tubings, ostomy pouches, etc. in place. They are made of soft, non-woven fabric and offer great breathability. The adequate amount of oxygen prevents macerations. The adhesive of these medical tapes is also specially made to be least allergic to most people. It sticks nicely and holds heavy dressings in place with no worries at all. At Shop Wound Care we offer, durable and comfortable to use, dressing retention tapes from top selling brands such as Medline, Hartmann, Kosma-Kare, etc.


Features of Dressing Retention Tapes

  • Offer strong adhesiveness, even in the case of heavy dressings 

  • Soft and breatheable and prevent maceration

  • Highly conformable and work perfect with body contours

  • Multipurpose in nature and can be used with wound dressings, tubings, ostomies, and catheters 

  • Use low-allergy adhesives to prevent any rashes or irritation to the skin