Tissue Adhesive for Wound Repair | Tissue Adhesive Glue

Tissue adhesives are cyanoacrylate based adhesives that are used to close wounds that are 5-0 or smaller in diameter. They were developed as a replacement for sutures such as stitches and staples for smaller wounds. Low tension wounds can be closed and healed using tissue adhesives that are applied to the edges of the wound. These topical skin adhesives can easily be cleaned using a wipe and can always be reapplied to the wound. They are water-proof and hypoallergenic. At Shop Wound Care, we have a wide range of tissue adhesive systems from top selling brands such as McKesson, Acelity, Johnson and Johnson, etc.

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Benefits of Tissue Adhesives

  • Help close a wound without the help of stitches or staples 

  • Allow a non-intrusive closure and healing to the wound

  • Almost no medical follow-up is required once the adhesive is administered

  • Can be easily cleaned using a wipe, and then reapplied

  • Are water-proof and do not infect the skin or wound

When not to use Tissue Adhesives?

  • Bites, punctures, crash wounds 

  • Mucosal surfaces 

  • High-moisture areas 

  • Contaminated wounds 

  • Hands, feet, and joints