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Drain and IV sponges are highly absorbent dressings which wick the fluid away from areas that require removal of unwanted fluid. They are just a square piece of gauze with a hole in the middle and a slit from an edge to the hole. The drain tube or IV catheter is fitted into the hole by passing it through the slit. This pre-slit design helps the drain sponge to fit snugly around the tube, absorbing maximum fluid and protecting the skin. At Shop Wound Care, we offer a wide range of drain and IV sponges from various top-selling brands like Kendall, Avant Gauze, Sorbacell, etc.


Features of Drain and IV Sponges

  • Help keep tube sites clean, protected and free from infections
  • High absorbency minimizes the number of dressing changes
  • Ideal for drains, IV catheters, tubes and tracheotomies
  • Non-woven material prevents the chances of any loose threads falling into the wound
  • Pre-cut to properly fit around the tubes, eliminating the requirement of sterile scissors
  • Keep the tube openings free from debris
  • Reduce penetration of bacteria through the dressing
  • Cause minimal trauma to the wound bed
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Come in different ply, greater the ply more absorbent is the sponge
  • Ideal for clinics, hospitals and long-term facilities


Where can I buy Gauze Drain Sponge and IV Sponge?

Shop Wound Care offers Medical Sponge Dressings, Drain Sponges, and IV Sponges from renowned manufacturers such as – Covidien, Medline Industries, Cardinal Health, etc. Our gauze drain sponge and IV sponges are also available in 100% woven cotton. Shop now for amazing discount and reward dollars.