Transparent Medical tape | Transparent Surgical Tape | Clear Medical Tape

Transparent medical tapes are usually made of plastic or other synthetic material so that they can be easily molded according to one’s needs. The breadth of this tape can be adjusted easily using a pair of scissors and the low-allergy adhesive prevents any rashes or irritation. They are easy to use and can be written on. Most of the transparent tapes are porous which makes them the most breathable medical tapes. They are also called heavy duty tapes as they can secure even heavy dressings and tubing systems without tearing or snapping. At Shop Wound Care we offer a range of strong and porous transparent tapes from top selling brands such as 3M, Covidien, Medline, etc.


Features of Transparent Tapes

  • Strong and durable 
  • Highly porous to offer excellent breathability 
  • Can be written on using a marker or pen 
  • Are made for heavy duty use 
  • Can hold heavy dressings and tubing systems, securely in place 
  • Are usually used with ostomies and surgical wounds