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Cloth tapes, as their name suggests, are made of cloth material and offer great breathability. They are mostly used in condition when the wound area is more moist than what it usually is. The cloth factor comes into play by absorbing the moisture and thus not compromising on the adhesiveness of the tape. Cloth tapes are strong and durable, and resist tearing or snapping off their place. They can be used well for all dressing types as well as major bandages. They are mostly sensitive to the skin and do not result in rashes or skin irritation. We at Shop Wound Care, offer a great range of cloth tapes for your moist wound needs, from top selling brands such as 3M, Spidertech Inc, Medline, etc.

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Features of Cloth Tapes

  • Stay secured even in moist conditions

  • Hold well to sensitive skin and prevent rashes 

  • Strong adhesive qualities make it a reliable option 

  • Work greatly with tubing such as catheters and other tubing apparatus

  • Can be used with other medical tools such as braces, splints, etc.

  • One of the most commonly used tapes in all medical fields