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The word occlusive means to stop or block, and that is exactly what occlusive dressings do. They have a waxy coating on the outside that helps seal the wound completely thus blocking any leakage or seepage into the wound. They are commonly used for chest wounds and are also known as occlusive chest wound dressings. Their amazing ability to handle trauma wounds also accredits them with the name trauma medical dressings. The waxy coat on the outside gives them the ability of being air and water tight. These air and water tight dressings are also used to help ointments and creams seep into the wound without leaking. They are used by medical professionals to usually stop heavy bleeding till the long treatment process begins. They are not absorbent in nature but instead prevent any liquid from damaging the dressing. At Shop Wound Care, we have a wide range of effective occlusive dressings from top selling brands such as Medline, Convatec, Reliamed, etc.

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Benefits of Occlusive Dressings

  • Manage the pressure and bleeding of a wound 

  • Allow topical ointments to penetrate wound without getting evaporated 

  • Used for allergy tests as well 

  • Most commonly used to block sucking chest wounds or open pneumothroax 

  • Can be used to maintain moisture

  • Skin conditions and minor wounds can also be treated using occlusive dressings