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Padding bandages are additional secondary bandages that are used alongside primary dressings to provide a padded surface to the wound dressing. They are a multi-layered system of compression bandages and are generally used in complete decongestive therapy or CDT, which is performed during the Lymphedema treatment process. Padding bandages are worn under the compression bandages to evenly distribute the pressure exerted by the compression. They prevent damages such as rashes and swelling. We, at Shop Wound Care, provide a wide range of such padding bandages from top selling brands such as Jobst, Tg, Viscopaste, etc.


Features of Padding Bandages

  • Important in the Complete Decongestive Therapy process to treat Lymphedema 
  • Provide adequate padding to protect the wound from external physical damage 
  • Used alongside compression bandages to evenly distribute pressure
  • Prevent rashes and swelling caused by compression bandages
  • Made of skin-friendly material and conform easily to the contours of the body