Medical Eye Patches | Eye Occlusor [Save Upto 50%]

Eye pads or eye-patches have been around since the past 2 centuries and were initially made to protect the eye from injuries or to hide an empty eye socket. In modern times, the eye pads have been modified to enact a number of roles, which include shielding the eye from injuries, working as protective bandages on eye wounds, absorbing unwanted fluids excreted by the eye, and protecting the eye from pollutants and harmful rays. At Shop Wound Care, we offer a range of different eye pad products from top selling brands like McKesson, 3M Medical, BSN Medical, etc.


Benefits of using Eye Pads

  • Shield the eye from external factors such as dust, pollutants, smoke, harmful rays and radiation 
  • Work as a protective bandage and absorb exudate from eye wounds 
  • Help in delivering medicines and therapy such as hot and cold therapy to the eye 
  • The pads are sealed dressings and hence there is no chance of lint affecting the eye 
  • Made of breathable material and provide adequate oxygen to the eye

Conditions which require the use of Eye Pads

  • Amblyopia 
  • Extraocualar Muscle Palsy
  • Conjunctivitis 
  • Uveitis 
  • Excess Tearing 
  • Cataracts 
  • Glaucoma 
  • Corneal Diseases 
  • Injuries due to external factors