Decubitus Ulcers

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Causes of Decubitus Ulcers

  • External Pressure - Any kind of external pressure over a long period of time can cause a shortage of blood flow to a specific soft tissue causing the development of ulcers. 

  • Friction - The second most common cause of decubitis is friction, where the skin on constant heat generated by friction can get ruptured and cause soft tissue damage. 

  • Shear - In layman terms, shearing is the separation of the skin from underlying tissue causing the tissue to be exposed to external pressure, which in turn results in ulcers. 

  • Moisture - Sweat, urine, and other moisture inducing factors can result in the skin getting macerated hence increasing the chances of friction and ulcers.

Treatment Options for Decubitus Ulcers

  • Wound Dressings - An ulcer can be easily treated by using the right kind of wound dressing, which includes patches, alginate dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, antimicrobial dressings, etc. 

  • Antiseptic Creams and Solutions - These solutions or creams can help clean the wound and eliminate any microbes, thus reducing the chances of infections. 

  • Hydrogel Sheets - These sheets work as dressings and also as a covering, protecting the wound from external contaminates and also expediting the healing process.