Montgomery Straps for Wound Securement - Latex Free

If you are having troubling applying and reapplying tapes to secure a dressing, then Montgomery straps are your go to option. They are paired adhesive strips that are used to secure the wound dressing. The central section of the straps can be folded back onto themselves with perforation on the leading edges of the straps. This allows the strap to be reused immediately. Montgomery straps eliminate the use of traditional medical tapes to secure a dressing on place. 

At Shop Wound Care we offer a range of Montgomery straps from top selling brands such as Bioseal Corporation, Medline, etc.


Features of Montgomery Straps

  • Hypoallergenic adhesive straps that eliminate the use of traditional medical tapes 

  • Used to secure a wound dressing in place 

  • Eliminate the need to apply and reapply taping to hold the dressing 

  • They come in sheets and can be cut according to one’s needs 

  • Reduce the chances of rashes and skin irritation which are common with using tape