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Skin cleansers are different from wound cleansers in a number of functions. Considering their similarity to wound cleansers, they help in removing debris and exudate, protecting the skin from external contaminates, and making the skin antiseptic and anti-microbial. But skin cleansers also help in moisturizing the skin, preventing dryness, and ridding the skin of redness and irritation. They maintain a healthy skin and prevent the breakdown of the skin. The components of these cleansers help the skin in retaining its moisture. They also prevent scaly skin, dryness, and the excessive generation of dead skin cells. 

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Features of Skin Cleansers

  • Helps maintain the healthy functioning of the skin 

  • Prevents breakdown of the skin 

  • Helps in retaining moisture 

  • Removes contaminating matter such as debris, urine, feaces, etc from the skin