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Tubular bandages are mainly used to retain wound dressings and provide a protective padding surface to the skin. This secures the primary wound dressing in place and does not allow contaminates to enter the wounds. The padding protects the wound from any physical damage that can occur externally. They are also used as a protective surface of the skin while using plaster of Paris or synthetic casts. Sometimes tubular bandages are used as a protective layer under compression bandages to protect the skin from rashes and drags. At Shop Wound Care, we have an array of different tubular support bandages to suit your bandaging needs from top selling brands such as Tg, Rolyan, Tensogrip, etc.

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Features of Tubular Bandages

  • Multi-functional and have different applications for different parts of the body.
  • Flexible in nature and can swiftly move along with the motion of the limbs thus not constricting the movement of the person using them.
  • Provide a padding against physical damages.
  • Can be used as a protective layer under synthetic casts or plaster of Paris.
  • Very skin-friendly and hence can be used under compression bandages to prevent rashes.