Wound Closure Strips


Benefits of Skin Closure Strips

  • Small porous strips are used to close and heal wounds 

  • Eliminate the use of sutures such as staples and stitches 

  • One of the safest non-intrusive healing methods for wounds 

  • Appropriate for joints that move a lot during the day

Types of Wound Closure Strips

  • Reinforced Wound Closure Strips - They are porous and non-woven backed strips that are layered with a hypoallergenic adhesive. These skin closure strips are reinforced with polyester filaments to increase their strength. They are strong and provide stability to the wound.

  • Blend Tone Wound Closure Strips - They are sterile in nature and are beige colored to blend in with the skin. These blend tone skin closures are used on the face and the arms so that the wound is not visible directly 

  • Steri-Strips - Steri Strips are paper based wound closure strips and thus cannot work in wet conditions. Leukostrips are a replacement with the same characteristics, but made of synthetic materials that repel water.