Contact Layer Dressings | Wound Contact Layers - Wound Veil [Save Up to 40%]

Wound Contact Layers(wound veil) are thin sheets of dressings that are directly used over the wound to act as a covering over the wound bed. They prevent the other layers of dressings or other agents from coming in contact with the wound bed. The epithelial tissue is a sensitive part and anything touching, sticking, or tugging at it can cause pain. These contact layer dressings are porous in nature and let the exudate permeate through to the secondary dressing. They are not adhesive in nature and are used as wound fillers. They are one of the most important wound dressing products. At Shop Wound Care, we have a wide range of wound contact layers from top selling brands such as Molnlycke Health Care, Advancis Medical, Argentum Medical llc, etc.

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Benefits of Wound Contact Layers

  • Prevent the other dressings from touching the wound bed 

  • Allow permeation of exudate to the secondary dressing 

  • Allow the wound to breathe

  • Work as a wound filler

  • Prevent damage to the epithelial tissue