Soft Silicone Tape | Kind Removal Medical Silicone Tape

Also one of the cleanest options while applying on any dressing types, silicone tapes are easy to use and can be applied and removed without any fuss. They are made of 100% silicone and the adhesive is strong enough to hold heavy dressings and tubings in place. The adhesive doesn’t leave any kind of residue on the dressing or the skin and comes off clean. They are the perfect option for chronic wounds which require dressings for a long term. They are also recommended for catheters and tubings as they do not leave residues and keep the tubes clean.

We at Shop Wound Care have a wide range of silicone tapes from top selling brands such as 3M, Medline, Molnlycke, etc.


Features of Silicone Tapes

  • Highly conformable and shaped well around body contours
  • Breathable and reduces chances of maceration
  • Stick easily to skin without leaving any adhesive residue
  • It is sterile and waterproof
  • The adhesiveness allows the tape to be re-positioned without losing its grip