Covidien Xeroform Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze Dressing

Covidien Xeroform Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze Dressing

Brand/Manufacturer: COVIDIEN/MEDTRONIC
  • FSA Approved
  • Made in USA

Xeroform Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze may be used as an initial layer in dressing surgical wounds with light exudate where mild medication and deodorization are desired. It is intended for use as a primary contact layer in dressing wounds such as lacerations, skin graft recipient sites, newly sutured wounds, abrasions, and minor or partial-thickness burns. Xeroform Non-Adhering Gauze won't stick to the wound so dressing changes are less painful and trauma to the wound is minimized.

Benefits of Xeroform Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze Dressing

  • Collects drainage and speeds up healing with antibiotic agents
  • Stops bacterial growth
  • Maintains the moist environment for a quick healing
  • Minimizes pain upon removal as it does not stick to the wound
  • Can be cut to the required size
  • Sterile, non-adhering primary dressing
  • 3% Xeroform (Bismuth Tribromophenate) and Petrolatum in a blend on a fine mesh gauze

Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
8884433301 Covidien Xeroform, 1" x 8", Patch Each $0.05
8884433301 Covidien Xeroform, 1" x 8", Patch 50/Pack $1.78
8884433500 Covidien Xeroform, 4" x 4", Patch Each $0.06
8884432000 Covidien Xeroform, 4" x 3yd, Roll, Value Pack 108/Case $28.21
8884433605 Covidien Xeroform, 5" x 9", Strip Each $0.07
8884433605 Covidien Xeroform, 5" x 9", Strip 50/Pack $2.77
8884433605 Covidien Xeroform, 5" x 9", Strip, Value Pack 200/Case $10.89
8884431605 Covidien Xeroform, 5" x 9", Overwrap, Value Pack 100/Case $7.72

Why choose Covidien Xeroform Impregnated Gauze Dressing?

  • Xeroform Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze clings and conforms for compression therapy and use in deep and shallow wounds
  • It is non-adherent to reduce trauma to the wound and patient upon removal
  • Non-occlusive dressing provides breathability
  • Bacterio-static action in light exudating wounds
  • Covidien Xeroform Occlusive Gauze conforms to wound and body contours
  • Ideal primary layer to keep the wound bed moist to promote cell migration.
  • Comfortable, soothing, hypoallergenic dressing.
  • Available in wide variety of shapes and sizes

When to use Xeroform Occlusive Gauze Dressing?

  • Light to Moderately Draining Wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Skin graft recipient sites
  • Newly sutured wounds
  • Abrasions
  • Minor or partial-thickness burns

What to buy with Covidien Xeroform Gauze Dressing

How to use Xeroform Gauze Dressing?

  • Cleanse wound with saline solution or sterile water
  • Gently pat dry surrounding skin
  • Place dressing directly over wound or into the wound
  • Choose a secondary dressing to cover the dressing such as a transparent film, tape or roll gauze to secure
  • To make a dressing, get supplies ready - double antibiotic ointment, xeroform gauze, and a secure tape
  • Ensure to wash the hands prior to and after doing the dressing
  • First apply antibiotic ointment to wound
  • Next cut appropriate length strips of Xeroform and place them over the burned areas
  • When applying the dressing try to limit application on healthy skin. Allow some overlap, about 1 inch, onto healthy skin
  • To protect dressing, wrap with the role of dry gauze
  • If needed, user can further secure the dressing with snug fitting clothing
  • Do not allow healing burn to dry out

Changing frequency of Xeroform Dressing

  • It is recommended to change dressing on a daily basis to maintain a moist, non-adherent environment

  • Irritation may develop with a history of atopy (predisposition to hypersensitivity) or if sensitivity to Bismuth Tribromophenate exists.

Covidien Xeroform Occlusive Gauze FAQ

Is Xeroform useful for skin tears?

  • Cover the skin tear or skin flap with Xeroform dressing, then dry gauze and/or roll gauze.
  • Allow Xeroform/flap to rest for 3-5 days.
  • PRN soilage may require a change in outer dressing.

Is Xeroform antibacterial?

Covidien Xeroform Occlusive Petrolatum Gauze Dressing is a fine mesh gauze made of petrolatum that contains 3% bismuth tribromophenate. Antimicrobial properties of bismuth are similar to those of other metals.

Does Xeroform Occlusive Gauze prevent infection?

By preventing desiccation and mechanical trauma, Xeroform is biocompatible, reduces infection, and improves burn wound healing.

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

Can there be any side effects from petrolatum ?
Kathy - 9/30/2015 4:48:28 AM
There are very few reported side effects from the use of petrolatum gauze dressings. In rare cases, skin irritation may occur. The petrolatum in this dressing can be an eye irritant. No other side effects from the use of this type of dressing have been reported.
Customer Service - 9/30/2015 4:49:02 AM
Can it be used to clean burns?
Kate - 9/30/2015 4:44:18 AM
Petrolatum gauze may be used to clean burns. Hope that helps.
Customer Service - 9/30/2015 4:45:20 AM
is the 1 x8 one inch wide and 8" long
judy - 8/19/2014 2:46:40 PM
Yes, it is 1" wide and 8" long.
Customer Care - 8/20/2014 1:35:37 AM
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