Triangular Bandages


Applications of Triangular Bandages

Some common applications of the triangular bandage are stated below:

  • Keeps the body parts stationary during the process of recovery.
  • Holds the chest wound dressings in place.
  • One folded bandage can work as a trauma pad, covering large wound areas and helping to stop blood flow.
  • Second triangular bandage can work as a first-aid tape, wrapping the trauma pad and holding it in place.
  • For a person with an injured arm, it can be used as a sling to support the arm. Using the second cravat can help in immobilizing the arm against the chest.
  • For a person with a broken leg, a couple of cravats can be tied together to immobilize the leg.
  • For a person with a sprained wrist or ankle, a triangular bandage can be used as an elastic bandage to provide support to the affected area.
  • For a person with a head wound, a cravat can be wrapped around the head to cover and support the wound.