PolyMem WIC Silver Cavity Wound Filler

PolyMem WIC Silver Cavity Wound Filler

Brand/Manufacturer: FERRIS MFG. CORP.
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free
  • Made in USA

Ferris PolyMem WIC Silver Cavity Wound Filler is specially designed for cavity wounds with the addition of small particle silver to protect from microbial contamination. It expands within the wound cavity to fill dead space, keeping the wound bed clean and moisturized while absorbing excess fluid. As this is a wound filler, to be used only as a primary dressing, this configuration comes without the thin film backing.

PolyMem WIC Silver Cavity Filler Key Points

  • Hydrophilic polymeric membrane matrix with pre-slit, perforated design
  • Easily separates into three 1" wide strips to accommodate wound size
  • Expands about one-third within the wound cavity to fill dead space
  • Effectively cleanses, fills, absorbs and moistens wounds
  • Used on wounds with shallow depths
  • PolyMem Cavity Filler is latex free

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
1333 3" x 3" (8cm x 8cm), 4gms Each $0.80
1333 3" x 3" (8cm x 8cm), 4gms 10/Pack $7.92
1333 3" x 3" (8cm x 8cm), 4gms 10/Pack, 2Pk/Case $15.39

PolyMem WIC Silver Cavity Wound Filler Features

  • Ferris WIC Silver Cavity Wound Filler is indicated for use on:
    - Pressure ulcers (Stages III IV)
    - Vascular ulcers
    - Diabetic ulcers
    - Acute wounds
  • Contains small particle of silver that provides an antimicrobial reservoir in the dressing
  • Dressing changes are easy - remove old dressing and apply new
  • Removes intact - no flushing or rinsing of debris is usually necessary
  • Perforated for ease of use and can be cut to size
  • Helps relieve wound pain and improve comfort
  • Minimizes pain and disruption of newly forming tissues often associated with wound bed cleansing
  • Reduces need to cleanse wound bed during dressing changes
  • Expands up to one-third as wound fluid is absorbed
  • Soft and pliable, conforming to wound shape
  • Will not stick to the wound bed while maintaining integrity of healing tissue
  • Will not dehydrate wound bed
  • Latex Free

What to buy with Ferris PolyMem Silver Cavity Wound Filler

How do PolyMem WIC Wound Fillers Work?

  • Provide antimicrobial protection:When the PolyMem Silver formulation is used on a wound, moisture and fluids in the wound bed are absorbed into the dressing, releasing silver ions, which protect the dressing from microbial contamination. It helps reduce the risk of damaging healthy cells within the wound. In tests for antimicrobial effectiveness using in vitro testing methods, PolyMem Silver formulation dressings killed at least 99.9% of the entire population of each organism tested.
  • Provide continuous wound bed cleansing: The membrane incorporates a mild, nonionic, nontoxic, tissue-friendly cleansing agent that helps maintain a clean wound bed by loosening necrotic tissue, slough, bioburden and other debris.
  • Offer impressive wound wicking power: The hydrophilic polymeric membrane matrix, which includes a superabsorbent starch copolymer, draws fluid and debris from the wound bed and swells into a non-adherent gel encapsulated inside the dressing. As the exudate is being absorbed, the membrane matrix expands about one-third to fill the wound cavity.
  • Encourage wound comfort and improved healing: Additionally, glycerol (also known as glycerin) helps assure non-adherence to the wound bed so that the dressing can be removed without disturbing the wound bed or causing pain. Glycerol also controls odor while supporting autolytic debridement.

PolyMem WIC Silver Dressing Indications:

PolyMem WIC Silver cavity wound fillers work on the following types of wounds:

  • Pressure ulcers (Stages III-IV)
  • Vascular ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Acute wounds


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