3M Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler
3M Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler

3M Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler

Brand/Manufacturer: 3M
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

3M Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler is formulated to help provide a moist wound healing environment that has been shown to enhance wound healing. It is a preservative-free wound filler delivered sterile in easy-to-apply tube. It is used for dry to minimally draining ulcers and open surgical wounds. It promote autolytic debridement of a dry wound by providing moisture to devitalized tissue.

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91110 .528oz (15gm) Tube Each $0.60
91110 .528oz (15gm) Tube 10/Pack $5.00
91111 0.88oz (25gm) Tube Each $0.60
91111 0.88oz (25gm) Tube 10/Pack $5.30
91111 0.88oz (25gm) Tube 10/Pack, 10Pk/Case $52.00


  • 3M Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler is latex-free
  • The clear, hydrating gel promotes a moist wound environment
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Gel is easy to apply
  • Available in single-dose tubes
  • Latex Free
  • Indications for Use:
    Pressure ulcers
    - Venous ulcers
    - Arterial ulcers
    - Diabetic ulcers
    - Abrasions and lacerations
    - Grafts and donor sites
    - Post-operative surgical wounds
    - Cavity wounds
    - Wounds exhibiting dry eschar and fibrinous slough

More Information

  • Suggested Applications:
    Dry to minimally draining dermal ulcers: pressure, arterial, venous, diabetic
    - Wounds with eschar or slough requiring autolytic debridement
    - Open surgical wounds
    - Traumatic wounds, abrasions
  • Directions for Use:
    Follow facility guidelines for infection control
    - Cleanse wound and surrounding skin according to facility policy.
    Note: If peri-wound skin is fragile or exposure to wound exudate is likely, apply a barrier film such as 3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film. Allow the barrier film to dry before dressing application
    - Apply enough Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler to cover the wound base and any necrotic tissue, to a depth of approximately 5 mm thick, with no overlap onto the surrounding skin
    - Alternatively, a sterile gauze pad may be saturated with Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler and placed into the wound with no overlap onto the surrounding skin
    - Apply an appropriate cover dressing to help manage the wound drainage and maintain a moist wound environment
  • Precautions:
    For external use only
    - Do not use on patients with a known sensitivity to propylene glycol
    - Treatment of any wound should be part of a well defined plan and under the supervision of a health care professional
    - Bleeding should be controlled before application of wound fillers or cover dressings
    - When using wound fillers or dressings, the wound may initially appear larger in size and depth as unnecessary tissue is cleaned away. This increase should be accompanied by an improved appearance of the wound. If the wound gets larger after the first few dressing changes, consult a health care professional
    - Observe the wound for signs of infection. Consult a health care professional if any of the following are noted: fever, increased pain, redness, bleeding, swelling, unusual odor, increased drainage or cloudy or foul drainage
    - Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler may be used on infected wounds only under the care of a health care professional
    - Rarely, with wound filler or dressing use, irritation (redness), or maceration (whitening) of the surrounding skin, or hyper granulation (excessive tissue formation in the wound) may develop. Should this occur, consult a health care professional
    - If the wound does not begin to show signs of healing or if any other unexpected symptoms occur, consult a health care professional
    - Single use only, once opened this product should not be reused due to risk of contamination and infection
  • Tegaderm Hydrogel Wound Filler is compatible with the 3M family of dressings including:
    3M Tegaderm Transparent Dressings
    - 3M Tegaderm +Pad Film Dressing with Non-Adherent Pad
    - 3M Medipore +Pad Soft Cloth Adhesive Wound Dressing
    - 3M Tegaderm Non-Adherent Contact Layer

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