GlucanPro 3000 Oat Beta Glucan Occlusive Ointment

GlucanPro 3000 Oat Beta Glucan Occlusive Ointment

Brand/Manufacturer: BRENNEN MEDICAL
  • FSA Approved

GlucanPro 3000 Oat Beta Glucan Occlusive Ointment creates an occlusive barrier that retains moisture and minimizes heat loss. The consistency of the Glucan Pro 3000 provides coverage that remains in place, making it effective for hard to cover areas and post-resurfacing procedures. GlucanPro 3000 provides a moist healing environment with the associated benefits of Beta-Glucan and decreased pain by providing an occlusive barrier.

Why choose GlucanPro 3000 Occlusive Ointment?

  • Provides soothing pain relief 
  • Specially formulated to assist the natural healing process 
  • Occlusive Protective Cream is for sensitive nerve endings 
  • Odorless 
  • Minimizes itch 
  • Easy to apply
  • Research has shown Beta-Glucan to be an exceptional biological response modifier, which stimulates the macrophage activity and promotes rapid wound healing.


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GPC3-0035 3.5oz (99gm), Jar Each $5.53
GPC3-0035 3.5oz (99gm), Jar 6/Pack $30.89

What are the ingredients of GlucanPro 3000?

The main ingredient is Oat Beta-Glucan which contains paraffin wax and an oat derivative that is currently indicated for the management of superficial abrasions, scrapes, and cuts. Oat Beta Gluten is a complex carbohydrate technology derived from the cell wall of oats, has been considered by researchers to have exceptional biologic properties which provide an optimal wound healing environment.

When to use Glucanpro 3000?

  • Partial thickness burns
  • Facial burns
  • Donor sites
  • Outpatient Burn Management
  • Hard to cover areas
  • Skin resurfacing procedures
  • Lacerations
  • Skin ulcerations


What to buy with GlucanPro Ointment


How to use GlucanPro 3000 Occlusive Ointment?

  1. Clean the affected area according to the standard clinical practice 
  2. Apply GlucanPro 3000 liberally to the affected area 
  3. For best results apply as soon as possible post-injury 
  4. If desired, cover with a non-stick bandage, wrap or place a bulky dressing over the affected area 
  5. GlucanPro 3000 should be applied 1-3 times daily until re-epithialization has occurred 
  6. At this time a less occlusive cream such as GlucanPro Cream may be used



  • For external use only 
  • Avoid contact with the eyes 
  • Intended for single patient, multiple uses 
  • If condition worsens or if user experiences any undesired effects, stop using GlucanPro 3000 and consult physician 
  • Do not use GlucanPro 3000 if user is sensitive to any of its ingredients 
  • Do not use this medicine if user has had an allergic reaction to this product 
  • If the wound does not improve or there are any signs of infection, call health care provider 
  • Signs of infection may include: increase in redness, swelling, pain, drainage from the wound, fever or chills


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