3M Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closures

3M Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closures

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3M Steri Strip Blend Tone Skin Closures are non-reinforced, self-adhesive strips for face and hand applications where a gentle, less noticeable closure is desired. A light beige color allows natural skin tone to show through. Skin closure strips are made of porous, non-woven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive, hypoallergenic adhesive. Their breathable material improves patient comfort.

Why Choose 3M Steri Strips

  • It's not very noticeable because it has a light color that matches many skin tones, making it look better.
  • It's not like surgery or staples, so it doesn't hurt the skin as much, and it's clean.
  • It's comfy to wear and won't make you allergic. Plus, it costs less than other skin glues, sutures, or staples, so it saves you money.


Item # Desc Pkg Price
B1551 1/4" x 3", Steri-Strip Closure Each
B1551 1/4" x 3", Steri-Strip Closure 50/Pack
B1551 1/4" x 3", Steri-Strip Closure 200/Case
B1557 1/2" x 4", Steri-Strip Closure Each
B1557 1/2" x 4", Steri-Strip Closure 50/Pack

3M Steri Strips Blend Tone Skin Closures Features

  • 3M Steri Strip Blend Tone Skin Closures are used as skin closure device in the treatment of lacerations and surgical incisions
  • May also be used in conjunction with skin sutures and staples or after their removal for wound support
  • Designed to allow for tissue expansion and movement
  • Light color blends with many skin tones, for a more cosmetically pleasing appearance
  • Non-invasive, sterile design helps improve cosmetic outcomes, compared to sutures and staples, with less tissue trauma
  • Reinforced with filaments for strength and are coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Enhanced patient comfort and less chance of infection
  • Designed to be as gentle as possible and yet provide desired performance
  • Reduce the likelihood of skin irritation
  • Microporous material is breathable
  • Less expensive than skin adhesives, sutures or staples
  • Less scarring when compared to staples or sutures
  • Easy on patients
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fast application
  • Application And Removal Guide
  • Article Information Sheet

How To Apply 3M Steri-Strip Skin Closures?

Skin Closure Application:

  • Clean and dry the skin around the wound, about two inches in all directions.
  • Open the package to get the sterile strips. Be careful to keep them clean.
  • Use tweezers or gloves to pick up a strip and lift it straight up, not at an angle. Lifting at an angle can make it hard to handle.
  • Start closing the wound from the middle. The strips should be applied without pulling or stretching them. Don't make them tight.
  • Put one-half of the strip on one side of the wound and press it down firmly.
  • Use your fingers or tweezers to bring the skin edges as close together as possible. Then, press down the other half of the strip on the other side of the wound.
  • Close the rest of the wound with more strips. They should be spaced about 1/8 inch apart. You can either put them one after the other or apply them side by side until the edges are touching.
  • If the edges aren't lining up well, take off the strips over that area and try again.
  • You can also add more strips parallel to the wound about half an inch in from the ends to reduce the stress on the skin. This can help prevent blisters and keep the strips from coming off too soon.
  • Tips for Use:
    - If tension is noted under Steri-Strip skin closures, they may be replaced under the direction of a health care professional.
    - Lifted edges of Steri-Strip closures may be trimmed. However, when less than 1/2 inch of Steri-Strip closures remain on either side of the wound, one might consider gently removing the Steri-Strip closure and replacing it with a new one.

How To Remove Steri Strips Skin Closure?

  1. First, take off any strips that are across the wound. Gently loosen the ends of the strip.
  2. Hold the skin with one finger and slowly pull off the strip. Keep it close to the skin, and don't pull it at an angle. Pulling at an angle might hurt the top layer of your skin.
  3. As you remove the strip, keep moving your finger to support the skin that's now exposed. When both sides of the strip are free, lift it up from the center of the wound.


  • When the skin is wet, has oils, moisture, or hair that makes it hard to stick.
  • On wounds that have an infection.
  • On wounds that are under a lot of tension and can't be easily closed with your fingers or tweezers.


  • The skin should be clean, dry, and without oils for the strips to stick well.
  • Don't pull the strips too tight. If you do, it can hurt the skin or make the strips come off.
  • Swelling after surgery can make the skin peel, blister, or make the strips come off at the ends.
  • When you take off any tape or skin closures, it might peel off some skin.
  • In a few cases, using these products might lead to changes in skin color (lighter or darker) after they're removed.
  • Sometimes, using these products can cause mild acne or hair follicle inflammation in healthy people.


  • The development of postoperative edema may cause skin shearing, skin blistering, or loss of tape adhesion to occur at either end of the strip.
  • Application of any surgical tape or adhesive skin closure may result in skin stripping upon removal.
  • As with all adhesive products applied to the skin, a small percentage of individuals may experience hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation following removal.
  • Occasional cases of mild acne and folliculitis have been observed in testing on healthy volunteers.​

What to buy with 3M Steri Strips Skin Closures?

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Item Code Dimensions (in mm) Strips/Envelope
B1550 3 mm x 75 mm 5 strips
B1551 6 mm x 75 mm 3 strips
B1553 6 mm x 100 mm 10 strips
B1557 12 mm x 100 mm 6 strips

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