5 Best Cast Covers for Shower [Top Selling Cast Covers]

Broken bones are, unfortunately, a common injury. For bone-related injuries, casts are often the first line of treatment. Casts keep the bone stable while allowing the body to heal naturally. While casts are necessary for recovery, they can be quite inconvenient when it comes to daily living.

Activities that you might have taken for granted, such as taking a shower, washing hair, or going for a swim, can become a hassle and have to be adjusted to accommodate the cast. Thankfully, a waterproof cast cover solves this problem by easily preventing water from coming into contact with your cast and ensuring that you can go about your normal life and preserve the integrity of your cast.

What is a Cast Cover?

Cast covers easily fit over the cast and form a watertight seal to prevent water penetration. They are usually in the form of a long sleeve that can slide over an arm or leg cast. Most shower covers feature a plastic gasket at the top that fits tightly against the skin to keep water out. Waterproof cast covers are often made from medical-grade plastic or rubber that are resistant to tears and punctures.

Important Tips for Using Cast Covers for Shower

  • Ensure the shower cover is the correct size.
  • Read the product description carefully.
  • Try to take cool showers, as hot showers can make the inside of the shower cover feel hot.
  • Clean the wound cover by following the manufacturer's care instructions.
  • Discard the torn and damaged dressing cover and replace it with a new one.

5 Waterproof Cast Covers for 2022

A shower shield is the most important item you need to ensure your cast remains clean and dry while showering. With a good waterproof cast cover, you can easily take a shower, swim, or soak in the bathtub without fear of infection. Below are the five best waterproof cast covers for swimming.

1. Shower Shield Moisture Barrier - Shower Cover

Shower Shield Moisture Barriers are designed by medical professionals keeping patient safety in mind. These easy-to-use wound covers keep water from entering the wound area, restoring your freedom to shower independently and maintain personal hygiene. The shower cover is clinically proven effective in protecting wound dressings and catheter sites while showering. The shower shield helps reduce the risk of infection from waterborne bacteria.

Shower Shield Moisture Cast Cover Features

Protection: Shower shield covers and protects open wounds, sterile dressings, catheters, PICC lines, stomas, shunts, and more from potentially dangerous moisture.

  • Quality: The shower cover is made of medical-grade polyurethane film with acrylic adhesive and is clinically proven effective in keeping water away from the covered area while showering
  • Safe: The shower shield is latex-free and safe for use in persons with latex allergies
  • Ease of use: The wound cover is easy to use and apply and available in varied sizes. No need to rely on plastic wrap and tape
  • Independence: The dressing protector gives patients the freedom to take a shower and maintain personal hygiene
  • Economical: Shower Shield is cost-effective, and eliminates multiple dressing changes, it saves money
  • Flexibility: The shower shield can cover virtually any body site needing protection from water

2. AquaGuard Moisture Barrier Dressing Shower Cover

Proper healing after an injury or surgery takes time, and if the site gets infected, healing will be compromised. Therefore, it is essential to properly take care of the wound site. AquaGuard Moisture Barrier Dressing is an impermeable dressing that protects surgical incisions, dressings, and vascular access sites while showering or sponge bathing. The wound cover offers four-sided adhesion, forming a protective barrier to seal moisture.

 AquaGuard Moisture Barrier Dressing features:

  • Latex-free dressing cover
  • Easy to use, cost-effective and affordable
  • The shower cover keeps the affected site dry, helping protect against waterborne bacteria
  • The seamless adhesive provides superior protection against moisture
  • It is a water barrier between wounds, dressings, stomas, shunts, catheters, etc.
  • Shower shields are available in multiple sizes to suit varying needs
  • The fully adhesive sides can be quickly applied to any part of the body

3. Seal-Tight Original Cast And Bandage Protector For Foot and Leg

Seal-Tight Original Cast and Bandage Protector is ideal for you if you want to do a variety of water activities, including swimming. Seal Tight is one of the leading brands in cast covers and is recommended by doctors. Seal-Tight offers cast covers for shower that keep any cast or bandage perfectly dry. The cast protector easily slides over the cast or bandage to form a watertight seal. With this shower sleeve, you can easily carry out daily activities.

Seal-Tight Original Cast and Bandage Protector Features:

  • Protection: The cast cover provides moisture protection for casts, bandages, rashes, prostheses, splints, burns, and lacerations
  • Waterproof: This cast protector creates a snug fit around the cast to maintain a waterproof seal
  • Easy to use. The easy-to-apply application ring eliminates the need for strapping, pumps, or hook and loop closure
  • Safe: The dressing cover is latex-free. It is designed with a polyvinyl bag and non-latex diaphragm ring preventing an allergic skin reaction
  • Reusable. This shower cover's durable materials will last the life of the cast or bandage, eliminating the need for costly cast replacement.

4. DryPro Waterproof Cast and Wound Shower Cover

DryPro Waterproof Cast and Wound Covers have a patented watertight vacuum seal, and it is ideal for swimmers and those active in the water. It is designed to be fully submersible, providing waterproof protection for casts, wound dressings, and bandages while bathing, showering, or swimming. The cast cover, made of tough surgical latex, acts as a second layer to the cast. The waterproof cast protector is pulled over the broken arm or leg. Then using the included pump, the air is removed from the cover to form a waterproof seal.

DryPro Waterproof Cast and Wound Cover features

  • The cast cover is easy to use
  • Provides a watertight seal; the built-in pump flattens the cast cover to indicate that the seal is intact and will not leak
  • The shower cover is also used for postoperative physical therapy and hydrotherapy right after surgery
  • The wound cover is made of thick surgical latex that can stretch up to 600 percent without tearing
  • It is comfortable, durable, and flexible and also features a non-skid grid on the sole of the leg protector to prevent slipping
  • It is reusable

5. SealTight Original Knee Dressing Protective Cast Cover

SealTight Original Knee Dressing Protective Cover is a safe, affordable, and effective wound cover to keep water out during showering, bathing, or activities. It's an easy application that eliminates the need for pumps, hook and loop closure straps, and adhesive tapes that may irritate the skin. Its innovative design gives you the confidence and peace of mind that you are using the most trusted solution available.

SealTight Original Knee Dressing Protective Cover features:

  • The dressing protector maintains a waterproof seal and keeps the knee area dry
  • It is made of TPE, a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer that stretches easily
  • Reusable, the cast protector is made of durable materials that enable a long service life, reducing the need for replacement
  • It folds into a compact form when not in use.
  • Latex-free and safe for people with latex allergies

Where Can I Buy a Shower Cast Cover?

As we now know, keeping the cast dry is key to wound healing. A waterproof cast cover ensures that the cast, bandages, stoma, catheters, shunts, PICC lines, etc., are protected during water contact. Shop Wound Care offers high-quality cast protectors that enable shower independence without compromising personal hygiene during recovery.


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