Intertrigo – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Posted on Sep 07, 2022 by HPFY Staff Writer

First, intertrigo is quite common, it has no race, sex, or age bias, so you are not alone. Intertrigo (pronounced in-tur-try-go) typically occurs in skinfolds, where skin rubs together or in warm moist areas. It may occur in the armpits, behind the ears, in the crease of the neck, between fingers and toes, underneath breasts, on the abdomen, the buttocks, or in genital areas.

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What is the Braden Scale Used For?

Posted on Jul 19, 2022 by HPFY Staff Writer

Bedridden patients, elderly dementia patients, individuals with spinal cord injuries, patients with loss of sensory perception due to diabetic neuropathy, and individuals with nutritional deficits are all at risk for developing pressure injuries if exposed to pressure, shear, friction, and moisture.

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Management of Surgical Wounds

Posted on Mar 23, 2021 by Christine Kijek, RN, BSN, WON

Management of surgical wounds is an important part of post-operative recovery and health care professionals should monitor the process of wound healing. Learn More @ Shop Wound care

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