Shower Shield Moisture Barrier - Shower Cover

Shower Shield Moisture Barrier - Shower Cover

Brand/Manufacturer: SHOWER SHIELD
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Shower Shield Moisture Barrier is a medical-grade, single-use, impermeable sleeve crafted to safeguard wounds, dressings, and bandages while bathing or showering. Constructed from a lightweight, pliable, and see-through polyethylene material, this sleeve establishes a protective barrier, preventing water from reaching the wound or dressing. This showerproof wound cover is user-friendly and can be promptly and securely affixed to the body through a purpose-designed adhesive strip. The adhesive strip guarantees the sleeve's stability, preventing any slippage or displacement during usage.

Features of Shower Shield Moisture Cover

  • Barrier between wounds, dressings and shunts
  • Consists of a polyurethane film
  • Moisture-resistant coverage
  • Covers virtually any body site

Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Price
SS44 4" X 4" 7/Pack
SS99 9" x 9" 7/Pack
SS99 9" x 9" 7/Pack, 14Pk/Case
SS1012 10" x 12" 7/Pack
SS1012 10" x 12" 7/Pack, 14Pk/Case

Benefits of Shower Shield Moisture Barrier

  • Safe and economical moisture barrier
  • It provides a versatile way to protect wounds and medical devices from getting wet while showering
  • Consists of a polyurethane film with acrylic adhesive
  • Latex-free - safe for use on persons with latex allergies
  • Clinically proven effective in keeping water away from the covered area while showering
  • It is recommended that one should use the pad that most completely covers the dressing without allowing the adhesive to come in contact with the dressing
  • Shower Cover dressing protectors gives patients many new options for personal hygiene
  • Comes in multiple sizes to fit varying needs
  • Provides a barrier between wounds, dressings and shunts and more to protect from potentially dangerous moisture
  • Covers virtually any body site needing protection from water
    Note: It should not come in direct contact with a wound. Always have a dressing over the wound when using Shower Shield.


What to buy with Shower Shield Wound Dressing


How to apply Shower Shield Wound Cover?

  • Clean and dry area surrounding wound thoroughly.
  • Make sure area to be covered has appropriate dressing.
  • Clip any excess hair at the site. Shaving is not recommended. Always follow physicians advice.
  • Open poly bag and select appropriate size for application. Choose a Shower Shield bandage that is large enough to adhere to skin only (not to wound, device or primary dressing).
  • Peel the wax paper frame from the water barrier, exposing the adhesive surface.
  • Position water barrier over the site. Gently remove the wax paper frame, smoothing the dressing down as pulling the frame away, pressing edges down firmly to adhere to skin.
  • Firmly smooth water barrier from the center toward the edges.
  • Repeat pressure on all sides of adhesive as a final securing step.


How to remove Shower Shield Wound Cover?

  • Gently grasp the edge and slowly peel the water barrier from the skin in the direction of hair growth or grasp one edge of the water barrier and gently pull it straight out to stretch and release adhesion, being careful not to disturb the primary dressing or device.
  • Discard after use. Shower Shield water barriers are single use only.


Precautions To Take While Using Shower Moisture Barrier

  • For external use only.
  • Non-sterile: Do not use if package is open or damaged.
  • Shower Shield is not designed to come in direct contact with wound itself. Make sure area to be covered is covered with appropriate sterile dressing before applying it.
  • Do not place over nose and/or mouth.
  • Do not use over the eyes.
  • Do not allow children to handle Shower Shield without adult supervision. It could present a choking or suffocation hazard if misused. An adult should always supervise a child who has a Shower cover on his or her body.
  • Single use only. Store at room temperature.
  • Contact health-care provider immediately if user suspects that user has a medical problem or if condition persists or gets worse.
  • Every medical condition is different, please contact health care provider prior to use.


When to use Shower Shield Shower Cover?

  • Small dressings
  • Intravenous lines
  • Central lines/catheters
  • Stomas

Clinical and Hospitals use Shower Shield to

  • Ease patient burden & improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduce waterborne infections
  • Restore patient independence
  • Mitigate external expenses
  • Expedite the water shielding process
  • Improve clinical efficiency

Shower Shield common applications

  • Cancer Care
  • Cardiac Care
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Auto-Immune Disease
  • Diabetic Care
  • Dialysis
  • Pharmacy
  • Acute Wound Care

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